About Us

BroadPeak Technologies is one of the fastest growing IT companies in Pakistan, delivering a broad range of products/solutions and services across industries. In addition to its product development, it empowers companies through business intelligence, reporting capabilities and IT consultancies. Launched in 2001, BroadPeak Technologies has established its footprints in the global market through constant innovation and unmatched technical support. BroadPeak has a global customer base serving the markets of USA, Canada, Europe, Middle East, China and Hong Kong. Its offices located in US and Pakistan (Islamabad) ensure seamless delivery of services to its clients.

We are also proud resellers of world’s leading retail and franchise management solutions. We are known for increasing business productivity and revenue while decreasing manual effort and monetary investment by providing customized technology solutions. Our proven technology solutions are used by Edible Arrangements, a major franchise group in USA, which annually generates a revenue of over $500 million using our ecommerce website and franchise support software.

Our success is measured by the milestones we have achieved over the years. From a small company of two members to a renowned leader in IT services and support, we continue to write history. Our objective is to design a prolific liaison with our clients through creativity, experience and technology. We offer a bouquet of customized services that balance creativity, idea and aptitude to smart solutions and proficiencies.We act out our beliefs by investing energy, time and being inquisitive about our client requirements before reaching out to the end. We provide you with a skilled team of professionals cooperating with you to deliver innovative solutions to ever-changing technological demands.

Technology has always been our passion. Since 1993, we have been creating innovative technological solutions to help open a mountain of possibility and opportunity for both our clients and dedicated employees. But what really sets us apart from other companies is creating an environment where the spirit of independence and self-reliance flourishes allowing our employees to soar to their highest professional peak. Located in Pakistan since 2001, our values-oriented company is steeped in tradition yet continuously pushes the boundaries of what is possible to create transformative software. At BroadPeak, we recognize the power and beauty of truly great technology and its ability to dramatically transform businesses. Our inspiration is drawn from the grandeur and majesty of our physical surroundings, the mountains that beckon us to dream big and know no boundaries.

Like the magnificent mountain Broad Peak, the 12th highest mountain on Earth located in the Karakoram mountain range in northwestern Pakistan, our company aims to reach high, dream big and attract the best and brightest technology ‘adventurers’ driven to conquer the formidable. As such, our team of technology experts, passionately and with honor and dignity, are fearless in their quest to mesh their individual skills and expertise to form a cohesive company-wide unit working towards one goal. That goal is to courageously break the barriers that hinder progress and growth to develop masterful software that fosters needed change and advancement. We are proud members of Pakistan Software Houses Association (P@SHA), Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB) and Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.

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