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LUMS Networking Night 2017

BroadPeak Technologies participated in LUMS Networking night 2017 which took place on 7th of April from 5:30 – 10:40 pm at SDSB. This event is the most exclusive platform to meet, connect and network with LUMS Business graduates. Students from MBA and EMBA were present to interact and liaise with companies for potential opportunities and possible career fits. Companies from all industries were present at the event i.e. consultancy, energy, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, services, finance, telecom, IT, retail and agri-business. LUMS offered us a chance to meet executive profiles with ten years of work experience on an average and rendered a comprehensive talent base to choose from all level of experience. It was an enriching experience networking with potential employees and other corporations for publicity and boosting our brand image. Our Business Development team participated in the event on behalf of the company.

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