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Enhancing Teamwork and Effective Communication at BroadPeak

Our Global Head of HR, Jeff Thomas visited Pakistan offices from 24-28th of July 2017. He conducted team-building sessions in our Islamabad and Lahore offices. He also met all the new staff in Lahore office and conducted meetings with managers of different departments during his visit from USA.

In Islamabad, 63 team members and the management of BroadPeak attended the sessions in 3 days. There were approx. 20 team members in each session. The presentation started off with an ice-breaker and brainstorming session on what makes a team well-functioning. The objectives of the session were as follows:

• To know what a team really means

• An overview of ‘5 Dysfunctions of a team by Patrick Lencioni’

• Team Assessment

• How healthy is your team

• How to communicate more effectively

• How to build result driven trust in a team

• Breakout Groups session

• Understand the model

• The 5 Dysfunctions of a team

1. The absence of trust

2. The fear of conflict

3. Lack of commitment

4. Avoidance of accountability

5. Inattention to results

• The 5 conflict handling styles

1. Avoiding

2. Accommodating

3. Forcing

4. Compromising

5. Collaborating

• Ideas on how to overcome 5 dysfunctions

• What should a leader do to overcome the dysfunctions

Overall, it was an insightful session and the teams learned a lot about trust, conflict management, communication skills and team-building.

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