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Bridging the Gap between Education and Real World Knowledge through Year-Round Internships

BroadPeak Technologies is revolutionizing the concept of internship programs in Pakistan. Comsats University is one of many universities that the company is partnering with, to offer students year-round internships. Normally, the concept of internship in Pakistan is between 6 to 10 weeks. During this short time period, students are unable to take full advantage of the learning opportunities that actually help them in the real world. Generally, companies don’t offer internship programs throughout the year.

This new initiative is a remarkable collaborative bridge between education and career. This is where both the domains unite and offer students the golden opportunity to experience the corporate world far before they actually graduate. This is definitely going to be a game changer. With this new incentive, BroadPeak Technologies is setting a new innovative trend in Pakistani culture to develop talent year-round.

Now, students will have the flexibility to work after their classes or virtually from their class rooms throughout the year. These internships will be starting from Islamabad and Lahore. Most companies today require work experience for all their positions. This is a great way students can gain work experience and study at the same time. This enables them to save precious time from their youthful years. These students will be able to have hands-on work experience and accomplish so much more than regular university students who only have educational qualification without its practical application.

On 26th of July 2017, COO: Mr. Khalid Iqbal and Global Head of HR: Mr. Jeff Thomas from BroadPeak Technologies discussed and finalized this concept with the Executive Director of Comsats University: Dr. S. M. Junaid Zaidi. Jeff Thomas will be returning to Pakistan in the next few months to have a dialog with upcoming graduates for Undergrad and Masters Programs at several universities on this program called ‘Bridging the gap between education and real world knowledge’.

This program will start around September 2017. Interested candidates are advised to follow BroadPeak Technologies Linkedin page for updates regarding this enriching internship program.

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