Online Training


Ensure that everyone in the organization is trained.

nspire is a video training solution to quickly & easily create & distribute videos to your manager and employees. It provides easy-to-use video and visual technologies to instantly record, upload and distribute training videos to your team. More importantly, it helps you track the effectiveness of your training using tests and usage reports. It helps improve operations and boost your team’s morale, all the while ensuring a consistent message to your customers.Operations must be consistent at every location as your business evolves, especially when introducing new menu items, product lines, or service offerings. Creating, distributing and monitoring training across multiple locations can be a difficult and costly challenge. It is a secure video training solution that helps ensure consistent operations across your entire multi-location network.

With nspire, you can:


Easily create, upload and share specific content and curricula with your team


Supervise employee training progress and reduce turnover


Build vital skill sets within your company

Boost Morale

Instill pride in your employees by rewarding successful training completion

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