Our Team

BroadPeak established in 2001 is a progressive, dynamic company with a dedicated and professional team that specializes in providing comprehensive business and technology solutions for international franchise and retail industry. Our team is our core strength. With a good resource base of highly skilled and trained technical personnel, we offer state-of-the-art solutions and application development services to our customers. BroadPeak currently employs over 150 highly skilled, experienced, and motivated technical resources working across various tools and technologies to deliver high quality solutions/applications and services to our clients. The below chart shows the technology and domains in which our resources are working:

We are a vibrant and steadily growing organization. As such, our daily routine is fast paced and exciting! The organizational culture at BroadPeak is defined by a dedicated commitment to excellence and the constant desire to grow both as an organization and in skill as individuals. We pride ourselves on our merit and skill based selection. BroadPeak is an equal opportunity employer and provides an environment for talented and competitive men and women to work together and showcase their skills and talents.

BroadPeak has assembled a team of veterans and seasoned professionals to lead and implement the company’s vision. Each employee is a brand ambassador of the company. Our pride lies in our employees - our strongest asset and the backbone of our constant innovation and success. Our team’s profound capability of deploying and implementing services coupled with maintaining customer relationships is an invaluable asset.

At BroadPeak, we believe in team work. Success comes from surrounding yourself with the best people. It’s all about your teams. We focus on hiring the best staff members and never compromise on the quality of professionals we employ. Moreover, we have our BroadPeak Annual Excellence Awards every year where we distribute awards and holiday packages to the most productive employees and managers of the year as part of our employee appraisal and recognition program.

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