We are hiring Associate Full Stack Engineer
3 year(s) or above experience

  • We're looking for Associate Full Stack Engineers to join our team. This position will be responsible for building solutions, do prototypes and proof of concepts across our organization. Our Engineering teams are building solutions with React JS Responsive front end with NodeJS services. To join our engineering arm,
  • You will have Exposure / Experience with Modern Web Development Tools like:
  • Front End dev frameworks (React / Vue etc)
  • Node / other Back End tools
  • Understanding of Responsive behaviors of interface layouts, understanding CSS
  • Familiar with some software design patterns
  • You will have proficiency in below Dev tooling:
  • Git / source control
  • VS Code or similar IDE
  • Browser debugging skills
  • Unit testing and basic process automation (builds, releases, etc.)
  • You may have possessed one or many of the below bonus skills:
  • SQL and no SQL databases (how to query, how to persist data)
  • Good understanding of REST for API development
  • Exposure to TypeScript or other strongly typed languages
  • Understanding of debugging modern Web frameworks (including debugging on a mobile device)
  • Cloud (any kind of experience - from Heroku to AWS to Firebase
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