Climbing Together During COVID

We, at Broadpeak Technologies, have always given utmost priority to our employees and clients. Keeping the tradition alive, Broadpeak stands with its team of 130 employees during these turbulent times.

We have spent the last few weeks learning about COVID-19 and its impact in Pakistan and across the globe.

Being driven by the mission to put the safety of employees first and ensuring that they feel safe at their workplace, we are taking every possible measure to address the current circumstances.

Here’s how we at Broadpeak can climb and grow together in compliance with all the Standard Operating Procedures, as defined by the Government of Pakistan:

  • Temperature of employees is regularly checked at the reception
  • Safe distance between the workspaces of employees
  • Office floor is disinfected frequently during the day
  • Sanitizers are installed at multiple locations and are accessible by every employee
  • Physical meetings have now been replaced with virtual meetings to ensure “social distancing”

Moreover, the employees who are not feeling well, have been advised to stay safe in their homes.

Broadpeak understands the effects of this pandemic, and its role to curb the virus from spreading. Hence, pledges to lend full support to its employees and the Government in fighting this menace whilecontinuing to offer qualitified and reliable services, as our international customers expect from us.

Best Regards