Just imagine, how much time you would save if you could automate more than 50% of your tasks? You can spend this time growing your business while your franchise is working. And sleeping better at night because tasks are getting done. Naranga improves and scales your business with lead management implementation, planning, advertising content production, and deep analytics.

Naranga helps to increase lead numbers 

An effectiveness of a brand, goods, or service is measured by market dominance. Naranga gives you more time to focus on the brand while your franchise is growing. We help you acquire new franchisees to open new locations while you take care of the quality and market dominance.  Improve and scale your business with lead generation services, advertising content production, and deep analytics. 

Naranga minimizes mistakes 

Naranga speeds up the performance of daily routine tasks. Due to the automatic mode, the same tasks can be completed faster, because automated systems are more accurate in their actions and do not lose efficiency after a long period of work.

Naranga lowers costs 

You have many tasks. If you do them yourself, there is less time for more important things. If you entrust these tasks to some person, your expenses increase. Human work is worth more than Naranga’s work. Moreover, Naranga is the most affordable solution for franchise business, approved by hundreds of customers.

Sales and Marketing Automation 

We have a CRM-solution, which can be used to automate web marketing campaigns, sales process, sending materials, reporting and other tasks.

Naranga takes care of customer service

Naranga – it’s all about good customer service, which can greatly increase your income. With Naranga customers feel appreciated, able to find answers, and get support fast.  We can help you improve your quality of service, and thus retain more customers.

Stay with Naranga and you will be surprised how much all the processes in your business have improved.