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Why Partner with BroadPeak? 

Beyond financial returns, we believe in investing in the future – a future that is innovative, sustainable, and socially impactful.

  • Diverse Portfolio: Our investments span across multiple sectors, offering investors a well-rounded and diversified portfolio that stands resilient against market fluctuations.

  • Innovation-Led Growth: We prioritize companies at the forefront of innovation, ensuring that our investments align with emerging market trends and disruptive technologies. 

  • Expert Team: Our team consists of seasoned professionals with deep industry insights, providing investors with strategic guidance and a network of invaluable connections

  • Impactful Investing: Every investment is carefully evaluated for its potential societal impact, aligning with our commitment to contribute to a better, healthier, and more sustainable world. 

Investment Application Process


Review Our Criteria

Begin by reading more about our investment criteria and areas of interest. This will give you a clear understanding of how your organization or project fits within our funding scope.


Submit Your Idea

Please submit your proposal using the form below to discuss your program or project. This conversation will assist us in evaluating its alignment with our mission and providing appropriate guidance prior to your application.


Join Our Mission

Successful partnerships and investments aren’t just about funding. They’re about joining a movement towards sustainable, impactful change in key sectors. We’re looking for collaborators who share our vision and passion.

Our Investment Philosophy

We subscribe to an investment philosophy that integrates financial prudence with a commitment to societal progress.

Our belief is that investments should not only yield solid financial returns for our stakeholders but should also contribute positively to the communities and industries in which we operate.

This philosophy is the compass guiding our strategic decisions and fostering lasting partnerships.

Revolutionizing Food

The Future of Gifting

Health and Wellness

Gift Tech Pioneers

Food You

Revolutionizing Food

Investing in startups pioneering sustainable farming practices, ensuring a future where our food production aligns with ecological responsibility. 

The Future of Gifting

Facilitating investments in platforms that simplify and enhance the gifting process, making it more seamless and enjoyable. 

Health and Wellness Revolution

Supporting ventures that promote holistic well-being, from mental health apps to innovative fitness solutions.

Gift Tech Pioneers

The intersection of technology and gifting offers limitless potential. We support tech-driven solutions that enhance and personalize the gifting experience, from AI recommendations to augmented reality previews.

‘Food You’ – Personalized Nutrition

Backing technology-driven solutions that prioritize health-centric food choices, shaping the future of personalized nutrition. 

Join Us in Shaping the Future!

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